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IX International Conference of the International Society for Islamic Legal Studies 6–9 June 2018 University of Helsinki and University of Tampere, Finland

The IX Islamic Legal Studies Conference, convened by the International Society for Islamic Legal Studies (ISILS), will be held under the auspices of the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere, Finland on 6 – 9 June 2018.

The conference is divided into two parts. The first part will take place in Helsinki on June 6. It consists of a themed day, with a keynote address and an invited panel of five speakers presenting on the subject of “Islamic Law and the Relationship between Ruler and Ruled.”

The second part will take place in Tampere over two-and-a-half days, beginning June 7. It is made up of twenty presentations on Islamic law, diverse chronologically and regarding topic, divided among five panels.

The conference is open to the public; for information regarding attendance or registration that is not available on this site, please contact Susanne Dahlgren (susanne.dahlgre(at)



Wednesday, 6 June 2018 University of Helsinki (Lecture room to be confirmed)

13:00   Welcome: ISILS President, Peri Bearman (Harvard Law School)
Keynote Lecture:  Frank E. Vogel (Harvard Law School)

14:00–17:00   Panel I: Islamic Law and the Relationship between Ruler and Ruled
Lena Salaymeh (Tel Aviv University) Christian Müller (CNRS, Paris) Rob Gleave (University of Exeter) Evgenia Kermeli (Haceteppe University, Ankara) Mulki al-Sharmani (University of Helsinki)

17:30   Bus transportation to Original Sokos Hotel Ilves Tampere


Thursday, 7 June 2018 Lecture room A4, University of Tampere Main Building, address Kalevantie 4

09:30–12:00   Panel II: The Court and Islamic Law

Sohaira Siddiqui (Georgetown University): Contesting Anglo-Muhammadan Law in Colonial Courtrooms
Ari Schriber (Harvard University): Functionalization of the Moroccan Qāḍī: The Statut des Cadis Decree of 1937-1938
Erin E. Stiles (University of Nevada): Who Is an Heir? Legal Pluralism and Inheritance Disputes in and out of Zanzibar’s Islamic Courts
Dominik Krell (Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg): The Concept of the “Best Interests of the Child” in Saudi Arabian Courts

Lunch break

13:30–17:00   Panel III: Women and Islamic Law

Marion Holmes Katz (New York University): Is Marriage Really Like a Sale? Marriage and Its Metaphors in the Fifth-Sixth Century AH/Eleventh-Twelfth Century CE
Delfina Serrano (CSIC, Madrid): Legal Views on the Duration of Pregnancy and Their Impact on Islamic Notions of Paternity (nasab): Past and Present
Rozaliya Garipova (Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan): An Islamic Legal Debate on “Anchored” Women in the Russian Empire

Coffee break

Irene Schneider (University of Göttingen): Divorce Gaza style: The taʿmīm of 2016
Ayang Utriza Yakin (Université Catholique, Louvain): Women, Right to Sexual Pleasure, and “Malu”: Sexual Enjoyment, Impotence, and Modesty in Indonesian Religious Courts

18:00   Tampere City Reception at the Old City Hall, address Keskustori 10


Friday, 8 June 2018 Lecture room A4, University of Tampere Main Building, address Kalevantie 4

09:30–12:00   Panel IV: Fiqh Discourse I

Ron Shaham (Hebrew University, Jerusalem): Legal Maxims (qawāʿid fiqhiyya) in Yūsuf alQaradawī’s Jurisprudence and Legal Opinions
Serena Tolino (University of Hamburg): Eunuchs in Islamic Law: The Gender of Castrated Men in the Islamic Legal Discourse
Faris Zwirahn (Princeton University): Your Marriage Contract Is Unlawful: The Validity of Virtual Communication Technology in Islamic Law
Carlo De Angelo (University of Naples): The Salafi Conception of walāʾ wa-barāʾ and Muslims Integration into Western Societies: A Negative Impact

Lunch break

13:30–15:30   Panel V: Islamic Law and Governance

Ahmad Khan (University of Hamburg): An Empire of Laws: The View from the Province
Gianluca Parolin (Agha Khan University, London): Al-Ṭahṭāwī “Translating” the 1814 French Charter: Crafting a New Semiotics of Law and Governance in 19th-Century Egypt
Knut S. Vikør (University of Bergen): Imamate and Sultanate in Twentieth-Century Ibāḍī Thought

Coffee break

15:45   ISILS Business Meeting
19:00    Conference Dinner at Restaurant Finlayson Palace, address Kuninkaankatu 1


Saturday, 9 June 2018 Lecture room A4, University of Tampere Main Building, address Kalevantie 4

09:30–12:00   Panel VI: Fiqh Discourse II

Steven Judd (Southern Connecticut State University): Muḥammad al-Marwazī’s Treatment of Sufyān al-Thawrī in his Ikhtilāf al-fuqahāʾ
Nurit Tsafrir (Tel Aviv University): The Persian Influence on the Irāqī Ḥanafī Law: Some Notes on Its Literary Aspect
Arzoo Osanloo (University of Washington): Preserving Right, Forgiving Wrong: Mercy’s Law in Iranian Criminal Sanctions
Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen (University of Copenhagen): Featuring Fiqh


Afternoon at a summer restaurant at own expense.

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